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On today’s show, Heather Terry welcomes a few members of the Hurricane Labs’ team–Steve McMaster, Brian Karrigan, Dusty Miller, and Austin O’Neil–to discuss the steps that go into establishing a SOC team, and what you’ll want to consider when deciding whether your team will be internal or whether you’ll work with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Also, make sure to check out some of the resources mentioned during this episode:

Episode Transcript

Written by: Cameron Krivanek

What is hardening?

Hardening involves reducing risk through the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities across the attack surface of a system. A system tends to have more vulnerabilities or a larger attack surface as its complexity or functionality increases.

Hardening is necessary in a production environment in order to…

Hurricane Labs

Just a bunch of infosec nerds with a knack for Splunk. Comic book and Nerf gun fanatics.

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